Have you heard of a round shoulder?

In recent years, more and more people have become increasingly concerned about round shoulders as they have a lot of worries about the appearance that does not look confident. It is also important that not only the apparent problems but also the functional problems. If the round shoulders are constantly maintained, it causes pain from the neck to the shoulders, back and back.

It is usually called a round shoulder when the shoulder is rounded. However, the muscles of our bodies do not move separately but interact and move. When some muscle contracts, the muscle next to it relaxes. As the shoulder blade moves forward, the upper trapezius and chest muscles contract and rhomboideus relaxes to the contrary. 
How do we fix it?

These muscle imbalances need to be addressed. You need to relax the muscles through the massage and find the balance of the muscles through stretching. Dr. Vladimir Janda, a pioneer in rehabilitation medicine, classifies the muscles of our body into two classes: tonic muscles that maintain posture and phasic muscles that are used for dynamic movement.

The tonic muscles of most modern humans remain nervous, while the phasic muscles remain relaxed. Chest muscles and  upper trapezius are representative tonic muscles, and rhomboideus are representative phasic muscles. It is necessary to relax the tightly contracted chest muscles and upper trapezius and to increase muscle strength of over-relaxed muscles. We need to find the balance of muscles that have been broken.
Sit on "Rolling Chair" and stretch!

Alois Brugger, a neurologist specializing in bad posture and pain, has developed exercise therapies that relax tense muscles and increase muscle strength to find muscle balance. The way "Rolling Chair" works is based on this.

First, hold the armrest with my chest straight. The elbow is attached to the body as much as possible. After that, take a slow pause and concentrate on the movement and try to open the armrest outward. Spread the contraction of the chest muscles as much as possible while stretching your shoulders and contract the back muscles.
If you want to increase your workout, hold your armrests in reverse or use exercise bands! Sit on "Rolling Chair" and find the balance of broken muscles.