Why is the back painful and sore?

The trigger points that cause pain in the muscles and the fascia surrounding them usually spread to other areas and cause radiating pain. Typically, modern people who sit long at office desks or use smart phones usually complain about the pain of shoulder and back muscles tingling and throbbing.
Headaches at the back of the head are also mostly caused by the pain points of the upper trapezius. This muscles, especially structurally and functionally, is one of the most stressed muscles. Continuously taut muscles are overloaded while maintaining a false posture for a long time, resulting in stiffness and tension headaches in the legs, shoulders, and neck.

Also, the area where modern people complain of pain is the waist. The muscles that are mainly involved with back pain are quadratus lumborum muscle. It supports the upper body when tilting the body attached to the lumbar spine. Because the spine is supported, when this muscle is tense, the pain is transmitted to the surrounding area, accompanied by a painful feeling.
How should we solve it?

If the pain is so severe that it hampers your daily life, you should of course go to a hospital and receive professional care. However, the shoulders and backs that are choked and cramped need to be kept in constant care and stretching in daily life.
There are several muscles under the trapezium, and the muscles we should pay attention to are rhomboideus and muscle levator scapulae. The rhomboideus pull the shoulder blade, which is called the shoulder bones, inside and the muscle levator scapulae pulls the shoulder bones. These sympathetic nerves are so dense that they are very sensitive to stress, and these muscles tend to clump on a daily basis. It is important to relax the muscles by massaging these muscles and loosening the tight muscles. The same is true for quadratus lumborum muscle. If this muscle that supports our lumbar spine is excessively tightened and contracted strongly, you should massage it in the direction of the muscle fiber to relax the muscles.
You can sit down on "Rolling Chair" and massage these muscles by changing your posture or using a cushion. Imagine the area where the rollers are moving and stimulating!